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Somatic Yoga is a holistic approach to yoga that focuses on integrating the mind, body, and spirit through gentle, mindful movement. 

It combines principles from yoga, somatics, and other movement modalities to enhance body awareness, release tension, and promote overall well-being.

The term "somatic" refers to the internal perception of one's body and its sensations. Somatic Yoga emphasizes the internal experience of movement, encouraging practitioners to tune into bodily sensations, such as muscle tension, breath patterns, and alignment, to facilitate greater awareness and understanding of their bodies.

In Somatic Yoga practice, movements are typically slow, deliberate, and exploratory, allowing practitioners to deepen their connection with their bodies and cultivate mindfulness. 

This approach often involves movements that target specific areas of tension or discomfort, aiming to release holding patterns and restore optimal function to muscles and joints.

Somatic Yoga may incorporate elements of traditional yoga asanas (poses), breathwork (pranayama), meditation, and mindfulness practices. However, the emphasis is less on achieving specific physical postures and more on fostering self-awareness, self-regulation, and self-care.

Overall, Somatic Yoga offers a gentle yet powerful way to support physical, emotional, and mental well-being by promoting relaxation, stress reduction, and enhanced body-mind connection. It can be beneficial for individuals of all ages and fitness levels, including those recovering from injuries or managing chronic pain.

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