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Isayogatherapy Studio is located in Meadows, a peaceful and green place in Dubai.

The Studio is a safe and calming environment where I welcome my clients with a cozy and relaxing vibe. I provide all the necessary props to ensure your yoga therapy session is tailored to your needs, feasible and comfortable, including cushions, blankets, chairs, blocks, and ropes.

To further enhance your experience, I also use essential oils and music to create a soothing atmosphere.

Isabella Ciocca setting up the yoga mat
Essential Oil DIffuser in Yoga studio

At the studio, I strive to foster a trusting relationship with my clients by providing clear, consistent information and agreeing to keep it confidential. I also emphasize collaboration, empowering my clients on their own journey and routine, and providing them with options and choices. Above all, I respect the diversity of all my clients, respecting their culture, gender, expression, age, and life experience.

@ the studio, I offer Yoga Therapy sessions (private) and Somatic Yoga classes (private and semi-private maximum of 3 people).

Isa Yoga Therapy STUDIO in Dubai
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