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March's Bloom

Living in the present moment involves a deep state of awareness, where the focus is on here and now. 


During the workshop, a young woman asked me: "If I'm always focused on the present, how can I plan for my future?" 


Imagining our future is essential to guide ourselves towards change and evolution as human beings. Unfortunately, sometimes it's challenging because we find ourselves entangled in a not-so-easy reality or because we fear the uncertainty of tomorrow. 

Visualizing our real and profound needs, and being focused on every small action that satisfies those needs in that specific moment, dissipates the fear of the future and frees us from the constant anxiety about performance and results that pervades our lives. 

Using our imagination and the ability to envision the future we desire and what kind of being we want to be in the even nearer future is a great resource for living our present more fully and intensely. 

Living in the present moment is a state of action. 


During a guided meditation or a yoga class, you might hear words like "observe your thoughts and sensations without judgment, cultivate a sense of gratitude, and find contentment in the present moment." 

But what if your sensations are of physical pain or if your present feels depressing, with your thoughts continually reminding you of it? Is it truly beneficial to focus on the present moment in these situations?


Perhaps not. In reality, it might be more beneficial to alleviate the weight of the negative sensations you're experiencing 

By visualizing and exploring the future you desire, building new beliefs, and rediscovering yourself with renewed vitality despite your present circumstances, you can find solace in the fact that the actions you take now shape the future you've envisioned. 


Perhaps it's from there that you can start again. 


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