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February's Bloom

This has been a special month as we launched the first workshop of the year on Vision boards. The modern era is characterized by the discovery of the connection between mind and body, and of methods and techniques to train our brains to align our actions with our goals. Yet, I often speak with people who have lost touch with their deep self-awareness, struggling to imagine goals that truly align with their current needs. Frequently, our priorities collapse into old patterns and daily routines that no longer satisfy our profound needs. 

Let's start with ourselves!
Let's take a moment to rediscover who we truly are by shaking off the various stories we tell ourselves based on our culture, family, work, and expectations. 

These stories often obscure our true nature, preventing us from visualizing our deep-seated needs, which evolve with every step of our personal growth and evolution.

This is what the workshop aims to achieve: to create and nurture a safe space for experimenting with techniques such as meditation and visualization, enabling us to access our subconscious and rediscover our values and needs. These insights are then translated into images, words, symbols, to be visualized every day, empower us to reprogram our brain’s priorities and, consequently, our actions in our everyday life. 

Essentially, we are infinitive choices makers.

Don’t switch the autopilot, be conscious of your choices so your habit and patterns evolve with you. 


May your choices bring you peace, happiness and abundance.

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Mar 03, 2024, 10:00 AM
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